Woodstream: Design Review Application

Greely Orchard, Woodstream, South Village, Water’s EdgeSunset Lakes Developments

Design Review Application

Please fill out the Word version of this application and submit to Sunset Lakes Developments at sunsetlakes@rogers.com or print, fill out and deliver (or mail or fax) a hardcopy to Sunset Lakes Developments, 6598 Pebble Trail Way, Greely, Ontario, K4P 0B6.  Please allow up to 30 days for a response.

Please ensure that your submissions and supporting documents are on letter or legal size paper, to allow for more efficient communication via e-mail.

Lot:  _________   Plan: 4M-_______

Date:  __________________________

Name of Owner:  ____________________________________________________

Address:           ______________________________________________________


I hereby apply for design review approval and attach herewith the following documents.  I/we acknowledge that we cannot deviate from the design review approval without the written consent of Sunset Lakes Developments.


Signature of Applicant


□ elevations

□ floor plans

□ site plan

□ specifications

To be filed by builder:

□ septic use permit

□ well driller’s compliance form

□ water well record

Please note that your culvert must be installed according to City specifications i.e. 10% below ditch grade and that the ditch must be left in its original state and no obstructions to the flow of drainage are permitted.

 Reference material with regard to swimming pools, fences, sheds  

Review the Seven Deadly Sins of Home Design 



1.      Rooflines:  Material________________ Detail ____________________

2.      Exterior:  Type Material___________ Lamppost/Lighting ____________          Width at Front __________________

3.      Windows:_______________________

4.      Orientation and Use of Natural Landscape:________________________

5.      Covenant Compliance:  SF _____________  2nd Floor _______________ Total__________

6.      Exterior Landscape:  # of Trees Planted ____________  Driveway        Finish_________  Deck Square Feet ___________

        Use of Interlock Stone/Paving ___________________________________

        Areas for Tree Planting and Conservation on the Site Plan         ______________________________________________________________

        Garden, Swimming Pool Area, Other Landscaping


7.      Screening; Air Conditioning; Service; Roof Vents; Eavestroughing; Sheds, Dog         House;________________________________________________________

8.      Ditch, Culvert and Overall Stormwater Management for the Lot



Date:  _______________________

Design Review: Approval (     )  Rejected (      )   Returned With Comments  (     )

Sunset Lakes Developments
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