Design Review Process

Design Review Process – Woodstream

Having your home built at Woodstream will be an exciting and rewarding experience for you. Your residence represents a major investment. The quality of your home and your neighbour’s home will be very important to you, not only to protect your investment, but also to maximize your overall enjoyment of your home and community.

The purpose of the Design Review Process is intended to ensure long-term community quality. Designs acceptable at Woodstream will provide more architectural interest than usually found in tract-designed or production homes.

Click here for a copy of the Design Review Application. (Revised April 2009)

Designs for every home in Woodstream must be reviewed under the Design Review Process of the developer or its appointee and accepted before construction begins. It is not the intent of the Design Review Process to make judgments as to what is or is not beautiful or to unduly hamper or restrict the owner. Rather, the Review Process is intended to promote individual creativity, encourage owners to thoroughly plan their home and to allow for the coordination of architectural diversity to create a blend of home styles which enhance the neighbourhood. The Design Review Process is supplemental to the requirements outlined in the Covenants and Restrictions for Woodstream which provide the legal basis for reviewing and accepting design proposals.

The Procedure is as follows:

Step 1 Review existing homes to get an idea of previously accepted designs.
Step 2 Submit a concept sketch and discuss your ideas with a member of the Design Review Committee to make sure you are heading in the right direction.
Step 3 Submit a formal Design Review Application. Prepare building plans, elevations (of all 4 sides) and site plan (depicting house, driveway, lamps, set back distances, tile bed, square footage, etc.) and submit. At this point amendments may be suggested.
Step 4 Receive written Design Review Approval.