Property Design Review Information

Improvements to the property are encouraged, but do require design review approval in order to maintain property values and aesthetic appeal in the community.

Sheds, pergolas, gazebos and exterior structures

  • Wood, stone, brick and stucco are the only exterior finishing materials acceptable, vinyl siding, imitation wood or any other material will not be approved.
  • Exterior structures should be placed in a location that is discreet or screened and integrated into the landscape of the property.

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Fences, Hedges and Privacy Screens

  • Fences and hedges along the property lines that are a simple delineation of the property will not be approved.
  • Fences must be properly screened in order to maintain an aesthetic appeal for neighbours and passers by.
  • Fences and hedges are not permitted in front of the house, on trails or drainage easements.
  • Tree clusters are more preferable over hedges for privacy screens.

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Satellite Dishes

  • Satellite dishes must be properly screened from view from the road and neighbours.

Tree Retention

  • Written consent is required to cut down or damage trees greater than ten centimeters in diameter unless it is in an area to be excavated following design review approval.

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Exterior Storage (Vehicles, boats, trailers, RV’s, etc.)

  • No unlicensed vehicles, terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, motorized trail bikes, or motorized personal watercraft or other motorized watercraft shall be permitted on the subject lands or any block or parcel in the subdivision including the lakes.
  • No person shall use any part of a lot for the purpose of exterior storage, for the parking of a derelict vehicle, recreational vehicle, trailer, motor home, bus, or commercial vehicle, or vehicle of more than a 1/2 ton capacity, or for the purpose of long-term parking of vehicles under repair or not in good working order.

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Exterior Finishing

  • Exterior finishing is included in the design review for any exterior structure or landscaping application.  The only approved exterior finishing materials are wood, brick, stone and stucco.  Any other material, including siding, will not be accepted.

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Swimming pools

  • Inground pools require an enclosure that must meet the same requirement as the design review guidelines for fences.  Screening or a vegetative buffer is required to maintain aesthetic appeal.

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Above ground pools require 100% screening from view from the street and neighbours, bare walls of the pool should not be seen.