Click here to download a PDF copy of the South Village Covenants

(OC477675 (Phase 1), OC564400 (Phase 2), and OC585122 (Phase 3))

Restrictive covenants or “deed restrictions” are generally recorded on title to lots in virtually all new subdivisions. The purpose of the restrictions is to benefit neighbouring landowners (the dominant tenement) by covenants or promises of the owner of the parcel to which the covenants are recorded against (the servient tenement).

South Village transfers of title will contain deed restrictions, many of which will be required by the municipality or other approval authority but which will also provide for some of the following matters:

  1. Grading and drainage management.
  2. Property value protections, including the design review process.
  3. Agreement with South Village Owners Association for maintenance and use of common areas, funding and management.
  4. Environmental protection including covenants regarding waste storage, fill, fertilizer, well and septic requirements, storage of vehicles and equipment.

Restrictive Covenants have been registered on title to South Village as Instrument No. OC477675, a copy of which is included in this package for further review.