Protecting and Conserving our Lakes

The lakes are used for a variety of recreational activities including swimming and fishing. It is in everyone’s best interest to protect our lakes.

Here are some simple steps to cleaner, healthier lakes:

  1. Use only organic LOW nitrogen fertilizers – using other fertilizers can have a negative impact on the lakes, e.g. smell, algae, lack of fish, and swimming.
  2. The cosmetic use of herbicides and pesticides is now banned in Ontario, according to the Pesticides Act.
  3. Preserve shoreline vegetation. Plants near the shoreline provide a buffer to sedimentation, chemicals, & run-off entering the lakes.
  4. Don’t allow any garbage to enter the lakes. Let’s pick up any garbage we see around the lakes.
  5. Control sedimentation from entering the lakes. When distributing soil, use filter barriers.
  6. Pump out your septic tank every 3 to 5 years.