Greely Village

General Information

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Greely is a village in the south end of Ottawa, 20 km south of Parliament Hill. It is encompassed by Bank St. and Mitch Owens Rd. on the North and East, and on the West by Manotick. It is in the parliamentary riding federally and provincially of Nepean-Carleton, and is represented on City Council by Doug Thompson, being in Osgoode Ward (Ward 20). The population of Greely is on the rise with the steady development of new communities. According to the Canada Post Office data for the village of Greely and the vicinity, its population in 2009 was approximately 8000.

Daycare and Pre-schools
Elementary Schools
High Schools
Universities and Colleges
Health Care
Post Office
Community Centre
Public Transportation



  • All Saints Anglican Church
    Parkway Road, Greely
    Phone: (613) 821- 4592
  • Parkway Road Pentecostal Church
    7275 Parkway Road, Greely
    Phone: (613) 821-1056
  • Metcalfe Holiness Church
    1564 John Quinn, Metcalfe
    Phone: (613) 821-2237
  • St. Andrews United Church
    Corner of Victoria and 8th Street, Metcalfe
    Phone: (613) 733-3386
  • Our Lady of the Visitation
    5338 Bank Street, Greely
    Phone: (613) 822-2197
  • South Gloucester United Church
    2536 Rideau Road (corner of Rideau and Albion), Gloucester
    Phone: (613) 822-6433

Daycare and Pre-schools

  • Greely Community Association Co-operative Playgroup
    Phone: (613) 821-9955
  • Live and Learn Resource Centre
    8243 Victoria Street, Metcalfe
    Phone: (613) 821-2899
  • Metcalfe Co-operative Nursery School
    8140 Victoria St. Metcalfe
    Phone: (613) 821-3196
  • Greely First Steps Daycare
    6631 Bank Street, Greely
    Phone: (613) 821-5902
  • Metcalfe Home Daycare
    8243 Victoria Street, Metcalfe
    Phone: (613) 821-2899

Elementary Schools

  • Castor Valley (English Public)
    2630 Grey’s Creek Road, Greely
    Phone: (613) 821-1272
  • Greely Elementary School (English Public)
    7066 Parkway Road, Greely
    Phone: (613) 821-2291
  • St. Mary’s (English Catholic)
    5536 Bank Street, Gloucester
    Phone: (613) 822-2985
  • St. Bernadette (French Catholic)
    3781 Sixth Street, Gloucester
    Phone: (613) 521-0875
  • St. Bernard (French Catholic)
    4170 Spratt Road

High Schools

  • St. Mark (English Catholic)
    1040 Dozois Road, Manotick
  • Osgoode Township High School (English Public)
    2800 Eighth Line, Metcalfe
  • Franco-Cite (French Catholic)
    623 Smyth Road

Universities and Colleges

  • University of Ottawa
    (613) 562-5700
  • University of Carleton
    (613) 520-7400
  • Algonquin College
    (613) 727-4723

Health Care

  • The Ottawa Hospital
    Phone: (613) 722-7000
  • Greely Family Medicine Centre
    1399 Ellsworth Lane
    Phone: (613) 821-3428


  • Greely Public Library
    7008 Parkway Road, Greely, ON
    Phone: (613) 821-3609
    This library forms a branch of the amalgamated Ottawa Public Library and has joined the online catalogue, Lirico, along with the other branches forming the Ottawa Public Library.

Post Office

  • Greely Post Office
    7139 Parkway Road, Greely, ON
    Phone: (613) 821-1331

Community Centre

The Greely Community Centre, which is managed by the City of Ottawa since amalgamation, is located on Meadow Drive. It is an essential part of the community of Greely, and is home to a number of community groups including the Greely Community Association, the Greely Players and the Greely Gardeners Group and hosts such events such as Canada celebrations, the Winter Carnival, fundraisers and more.


Andy Shields Park
Includes sports fields, play structure and green space

Greely Community Association
Parkland behind the building and skating rink in the winter

See the maps in the sales information for each subdivision which will show the locations of parkland and community amenities.

Public Transportation

OC Transpo
Park and Ride Location Available with O-train Access at Greenborro (South Keys).
Park and Ride Location Available at Riverview (Riverside South).

South Mountain Stagecoach Transit
Visit or call (613) 989-2552 for more information.
Keith Tierney
Call 613-821-1006 for more information

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