Owners Associations Maintenance Fees

Sunset Lakes features the best of both worlds in home ownership. Attractive single family homes on large lots yield all the benefits of private home ownership. Also featured in the community are two lakes, jogging trails, tennis courts, swimming pools, a volleyball court, playgrounds and more – all the benefits usually available only to collective ownership such as condominiums.

All common facilities are maintained by the Sunset Lakes Owners Association.  The budget comes from a reasonable mandatory membership fee of $450.00 per year.

The SLOA annual membership fee is due prior to December 31st for the preceding year. Owners who make their payments after December 31st (late payments) will be assessed an additional $50.00 late fee.

All requests (invoices) to pay the annual maintenance are issued ONLY electronically, i.e. by email; with the initial invoice being sent out in mid-to-late October and reminder invoice emails being sent out in one or both of November and December. Please note that each of these invoice emails serve as a defacto fee invoice, no further invoice will be issued.

 In addition to the invoice emails mentioned above, a non-payment reminder email is typically sent in mid-to-late January, to ensure that homeowners who may have forgotten/neglected to submit their annual fee payment are reminded of their financial obligation to SLOA.

As mentioned above, the fee is due NO LATER THAN midnight, December 31st of the preceding year and payments submitted past this date WILL be subject to a late fee payment penalty. No grace period will be extended to those who remit their payment after the December 31st deadline and any payment received AFTER December 31st  will be assessed the following late payment penalties:

1) a $50 late payment penalty will be assessed for any payment received after the midnight, January 1st deadline;
2) an additional $20 penalty will be assessed for every additional month (maximum $40) that the annual SLOA maintenance fee remains unpaid; and
3) at the discretion of the SLOA board, further legal action may be taken in the event that the annual SLOA maintenance fee remains unpaid for an extended period of time.

Finally, please note that when payment is received, NO receipts will be issued. It is the responsibility of SLOA residents to ensure that they retain a record of payment of their SLOA annual maintenance fee – if required for future reference. 
All landowners in Sunset Lakes automatically become members of the Owners’ Association and are encouraged to get involved in the community.