Pool and Waterfront Guidelines

Welcome everyone to a wonderful fun filled summer around the pool. Here are a few things to remember to keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone.

  • SAFETY FIRST – Children under 12 must be accompanied by someone 16 years of age or older – it’s the law.
  • GARBAGE – Please put your garbage in the garbage containers. Help out by picking up litter.
  • GUESTS – All guests must be accompanied by a lot owner.
  • KEYS – Needed for entry to the pool area and washrooms.
  • POOL – Safety rings are not toys.
  • POOL GATES – For the safety of our children, please ensure that the pool gates are locked while you are in the pool area and when you leave.
  • POOL HOURS – All daylight hours.
  • POOL TELEPHONE – The telephone is for emergencies only. If you hear it ring, please do not answer it.
  • SWIMMING AT BEACH – Swimming is permitted only within the area marked by buoys, with the exception of South Beach for which there are no buoys.
  • WASHROOMS – Please ensure that the washrooms are locked up before you leave the pool area.
  • WATERFRONT AREA & COMMUNITY CENTRE – No pets allowed on South Village Community Center grounds, including  tennis courts, front or  back lawn areas, within pool enclosure, sand beach or sand play area. Please remember throughout the subdivision, including trails, all pets must be leashed and “scooped” up after, it’s the law.
  • PUBLIC WALKING TRAILS – Please ensure that any trails being used are designated “public”. If not, it is considered trespassing.

Have a safe and healthy summer!