Design Review Process

Step 1 Review existing homes to get an idea of previously accepted designs;

Step 2 Submit a concept sketch and discuss your ideas with a member of the Design Review Committee to make sure you are heading in the right direction;

Step 3 Submit a formal Design Review Application. Prepare building plans, elevations (of all 4 sides) and site plan (depicting house, driveway, lamps, set back distances, tile bed, square footage, etc.) and submit. At this point amendments may be suggested.

Step 4 Receive written Design Review Approval.

The following are matters that should be considered prior to beginning construction:

Roadside Ditches: The grades in the ditches are set according to the approved engineering design and have been installed and inspected according to design. The ditches require a specified slope on the surface to carry off rainwater and run-off. In addition, driveway culverts must be installed according to the drainage and grading design. The grades in the ditches must remain untouched so that the water drains properly and the subdrains function properly. No additional sod, fill or topsoil should be placed in the ditches, and no vehicle should drive over it;

Zoning: This approval does not include or warrant compliance with any municipal zoning by-law, building code, or legal requirement. The onus for such compliance remains with the owner.

Grading & Drainage: A grading and drainage plan, which has been approved by the Municipality and registered on title to each lot in the subdivision, applies to your lands. Each unit owner, prior to receiving final approval for his home, is required to comply with this plan;

Lamp Posts: All lots must have two (2) photocell operated lawn lamps and two (2) pedestals on both sides of the driveway and set back 1.5 metres from road allowance.

Changes & Future Improvements: All future improvements, sheds, pools fences, hedges, retaining walls, etc. require design review approval.

Please note that the applicants are responsible to ascertain City-approved under side of footing level and to comply with same.